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Daily Ritual (SNES Game)

Daily Ritual is a SNES game from the 1990s where the player has just woke up and decided to go to their favorite social media: Barrker.

Help the main character read and re-bark the different barrks so that they will have the energy to get to work.

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Dorke and Ymp (Commercial) (SNES Game)

If you have spare money on your hands you might consider having a look at this rather freshly released action platformer SNES game called Dorke and Ymp. If you don’t own a SNES you can Greenlight the game on Steam and hope for a virtual release.

Dorke and Ymp (SNES)

Dorke and Ymp - New SNES Unlicensed Homebrew game

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Furry RPG (Build 00223) (SNES Game Demo)

Manu Löwe currently works on a new Super Nintendo Entertainment game named Furry RPG. It’s in heavily development and no where near done, but if you love to follow projects from scratch, this one might be the one to follow. He is currently playing around with the implementation of Mode 7 and other things. So go and check it, but do not expect a full game yet.

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Smash It (SNES Demo)

If its about the homebrew scene we get lots of releases, especially for older 8-Bit Systems. What has been always almost non existent was stuff for the Super Nintendo, also known as Super Famicom. Smash It by elix popped up at TRSAC 2014 last week.

Smash It (elix 2014) - SNES Demo 1MB ROM

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Bucket (03-01-2012) (SNES Game)

In Bucket by Sebastian Mihai you control Hugz the polar bear, who must deliver buckets to the angry walruses roaming about. Pick up buckets with the A button and place them on the ground with the B button, so that walruses walk into them. But be careful – if you get hit by a walrus, you have to start over! Once a walrus reaches a bucket, it becomes pacified and disappears.

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Anguna (26-10-2013) (WIP) (SNES Game)

Anguna is initally a Gameboy Advance homebrew game created by Nathan Tolbert, featuring art by Chris Hildenbrand. It is a short but exciting action-adventure game, reminiscant of the original Legend of Zelda. Alekmaul took over this neat game and currently ports it to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.


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Kickstarter: Super 4 in 1 Multicart (SNES misc)

Eleazar Galindo Navarro is a Super Nintendo Entertainment freak and currently realizes a Super 4 in 1 Multicart, but he needs your help via Kickstarter to fund the project.

The games included on this 4 in 1 multicard are:
* Mazezam
* Uwol – Quest for Money
* Skipp and Friends (released at a former PDRoms Coding Competition)
* N-Warp Daisakusen

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BLT (27-08-2012) (SNES Game)

Charles Doty has let us know that he released BLT for SNES, which is a vertical shooter featuring bacon. So if you wonder what this exactly means, go ahead and get the download.

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Uwol – Quest For Money v1.0 (SNES Game Port)

Uwol – Quest For Money is a platformer initially made for ZX Spectrum by Mojon Twins, reprogrammed for several other systems and now available for the Super Nintendo Entertainmen System, courtesy of alekmaul (based upon Shiru‘s Megadrive sources). The SNES library used is pvsneslib which hopefully will give a nice boost to the SNES homebrew scene.

UWOL Quest For Money Snes version 1.0


Uwol didn’t have enough after earning about the 90% of all the income which resulted of selling retrovideogames in Spain and getting himself rich. Now he wants to experience the adventures of his good old idols while he keeps engrossing his bank account, ’cause that’s the very matter of his existence.

After gathering precious prizes following the steps of his favourite classic videogame heroes (this is, the fire which doesn’t burn -which looks great in the hall of his house-, the proton pistol with the proton charger, three knickers from Gremla, the book of bills of Miner Willy, Wally’s pajamas, the Sword of Power (just a copy, ’cause the real one is in use), heaps of Saimaza coffee…), he learns that a mysterious and excentric millionaire, formerly a thief, hides quite a big fortune in gold coins in a very old manor next to Canutos Forest -the so-called Storm Palace. So he decides to emulate his idol Goodie and steal them!

The problem is that it won’t be very easy… The cellar of Storm Palace are quite deep and are full of nooks and crannies. Besides, the intrincate disposition of rooms makes it very easy to get lost and go back to the starting point. That’s what happened to Uwol: his greed made him to get deeper and deeper into the manor so he got lost and trapped in the lowest labyrinth, inhabited by Vampy, Franky, Fanty and Wolfy, who will try by all means to make Uwol fail in his task.

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Classic Kong (SNES Game)

Shiru has let us know that a new Super Nintendo Entertainment System game is out. It’s called Classic Kong (published by Bubble Zap Games) and is a faithful remake/reprise of Nintendo’s hit Donkey Kong.

SNES Homebrew Game - Classic Kong

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