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Slick v0.45 (Symbian OS Application)

Slick is messenger application for mobile devices. It allows you to chat with your friends connected though various online messaging applications.

Currently it is still in development, and alpha version is available for free for public testing.

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Jbak TaskMan v1.0 (Symbian OS Application)

Jbak TaskMan is a task manager.

Main features:

– Ultimate replacement of standard task list, which called by menu-key long press.
– Customisable quick launch, where you can add program, document, phone number, SMS and e-mail.
– List of all programs in your phone with quick search by name or UID.
– List of processes, threads, chunks with quick search.
– Quick and stable termination of busy tasks.
– Autorun of programms.
– Phone reboot.
– Uninstalling of sis-applications.
– Info about free memory.
– Clocks with seconds and date with day of week.
– Detailed information about runned task, which you can copy to clipboard.
– Quick task switch by pressing and holding menu-key (Smooth task switch)
– Remember last-visited position in system phone menu.
– Detailed setting of menu-key
– Powerfull possibilities for power and memory saving

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SymTorrent WIP (25-10-2008) (Symbian OS Application)

SymTorrent is the first and currently only one BitTorrent client for Symbian OS. It supports downloading multiple torrents at the same time, is capable of both downloading and uploading and can save the status of your unfinished torrents, so you can resume the downloads after restarting the application. You can also check the status of each file inside a torrent along with several other statistics and properties during download.

Currently, SymTorrent is available for mobile devices based on the S60 Platform 3rd edition. Supported phone models include all recently released Symbian OS based phones, such as the Nokia Nseries/Eseries devices and many older models as well.

SymTorrent is free and open source software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.


While you are waiting for the new version of SymTorrent, which will hopefully be released in a couple of weeks, I just wanted to let you know that I have had the opportunity to test it on a new S60 Touch (S60 5th Edition) device. With some minor modifications, I managed to make it fully compatible with the new system, so if you are planning to buy a new touch enabled S60 phone, you can be sure that SymTorrent will work with that as well.

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DEdit v0.76 (Symbian OS Application)

DEdit is a powerful text editor for Series 60 phones.


* Changes in PageUp/PageDown
+ Text templates
! Setting fullscreen/normal (g4) not save correctly
! Titles of softkey’s don’t updates after changing their functions in settings.
! In fullscreen – bug with changing resolution

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Mazing Days v1.0 (Symbian OS Game)

Mazing Days is a simple labyrinth or maze game. You start from top left corner and finish at bottom right corner. That’s it, easy!

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Mobbler v0.3.1 (Symbian OS Application)

Mobbler, Mobile Scrobbler, is a radio player and scrobbler for Nokia S60 3rd edition smartphones. It allows you to listen to your radio stations and to scrobble tracks played using the Nokia S60 Music Player. Music player scrobbling can be done both whilst you listen, or queued offline to be submitted later.

Warning: Please note that the radio player functionality of mobbler will use a lot of data. The makers of Mobbler can not be held responsible for your phone bill.

Mobbler should be compatible with all Nokia s60 third edition mobile phones.

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Creepy Invaders v1.1 (Symbian OS Game)

Creepy Invaders is a Space Invaders look-a-like done in Python.

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PyFolder v0.9 (Symbian OS Application)

PyFolder is a Python application that can view Python scripts as icons and launch them. It is like a virtual folder in your standard Application Shell. PyFolder makes it easy to download and run Python scripts that are not wrapped to sis packages. User can choose to open any folder, and run the Python scripts it contains. You can also set your custom (jpg) icons for applications.

Release notes:

v0.9, 28-Oct-2008: The first version.

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Frodo S60 3rd Edition (21-10-2008) (C64 emu for Symbian OS)

Frodo is a Commodore 64 home computer emulator. It was ported from Christian Bauer’s original Frodo for Amiga. Porting for Epoc was done by Jal Panvel and Alfred E. Heggestad. Porting to Nokia 9210 and S60 was done by Hannu Viitala. Frodo was released for 9210 on July, 2001. That was the first C64 emulator for any cell phone!

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N-Girls v1.0 (Final) (Symbian Application)

N-Girls is an adult entertainment application for Symbian devices. It shows “Dancing Girls On Standby Screen”.


* Dancing Girls On the Standby Screen !
* 12 Different Dance Shows
* 4 Different FullShows
* Background Music Option While Dancing
* Enable/Disable Option
* Autostart option
* Menu Interface

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