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Jbak TaskMan v0.99 (R15) (Symbian OS Application)

Jbak TaskMan is a task manager.


! Autorun bug
! Bug autokill and memory clean
* Now you can also move programm at bottom in program list
* When setting “Last run at top” is enabled – all updated programms go to top in app-list
! After reinstalling of Java-programm – its can’t be runned from app-list
+ In skinned version you can see current date on clock
! Bug of rule “Smooth task switch”
+ You can filter app-list, process-list and thread-list by uids. Use 0xUID in filter string for this
* Big localization changes.

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nGun (24-10-2008) (Beta) (Symbian OS misc)

Accelerometers are becoming more and more ubiquitous, motion technology is everywhere, mobile phones, computers even washing machines now contain accelerometers and motion based technology is truly everywhere.

The nGun is the latest application for accelerometer equipped phones and it definitely isn’t the most useful one, it is not even aimed to be! This one is just for one, a little application that uses motion technology on a bit different way, another cool thing to show off and to impress your friends and colleagues with your mighty phone.

The idea behind application is quite simple, it detects two different movements and play the appropriate sound, something like the light sabre application. When you rotate your phone’s nose up it will play a gun shooting sound but when you rotate your phone to left it will play the clip charging sound.

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MDictionary Italian-Hungarian (Symbian OS Application)

Simple dictionary program for Symbian cellular phones.

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AlertMe v3.0 (Symbian OS Application)

AlertMe is a mobile python application to protect your phone from thiefs. With AlertMe you can set your phone to a constant position. Then when you press start button the application starts to protect your phone from thiefs by alarming, when somebody tries to touch your device it will immediately alert with a loud sound.

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To The Point v0.94 (Symbian OS Application)

To The Point (short: TTP) is a S60 3rd edition application for a quick access to your important images with minimum clicks.

Specialized image viewer for quick access to your most important images. No need to go through the menus and select the image to view: Just launch the app and first image is loaded immediately to the screen, the rest in the set are rapidly available using number keys on keypad or the 5-way. Use it for, pictures of your family, maps, reference images / texts – whatever static data you need access quickly without waiting. You can define up to five 10-image-sets and switch between them.

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N-Girls v0.9 (Beta) (Symbian Application)

N-Girls is an adult entertainment application for Symbian devices.

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FreeTimeBox v1.03 (Symbian OS Application)

FreeTimeBox is a application for time displaying and time synchronization. As a evolution of FreeTimeSync, FreeTimeBox has all the functions of FreeTimeSync and fixes the bugs of it. It also can display time as the 3rd FP2 system.

FreeTimeBox needs to sign before installion. You can sign it with your dev cert. If you don’t know about cert and sign, please visit and follow the instructions to get FreeTimeBox Open signed.


Made the “Sync on boot” function separate from the “Start on boot” switch. Which means if you set the “Start on boot” to disabled and “Sync on boot” to enabled, it will sync it on boot then exit.
Add the “Scheduled Sync” function. You can now sync the time per day, week or month automatically at a custom time. If weekly, it will be Monday and if monthly, it will be the first day of the month.
Add the “Sync Method” function(NTP, WAP)
Fix the bugs of the previous version

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Mobbler v0.3.0 (Symbian OS Application)

Mobbler, Mobile Scrobbler, is a radio player and scrobbler for Nokia S60 3rd edition smartphones. It allows you to listen to your radio stations and to scrobble tracks played using the Nokia S60 Music Player. Music player scrobbling can be done both whilst you listen, or queued offline to be submitted later.

Warning: Please note that the radio player functionality of mobbler will use a lot of data. The makers of Mobbler can not be held responsible for your phone bill.

Mobbler should be compatible with all Nokia s60 third edition mobile phones.

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AcceSnake v1.2 (Symbian OS Game)

AcceSnake is a “Snake-like game” developed by CmoaToto which uses the accelerometer of your phone. For the first time in a snake game, you can move in any direction, slow down, and accelerate just by moving the phone. You can cross your tail but don’t touch the wall or you will loose a life.


-A great new option is available : You can change all the game’s language, make your own language, really easily. English and French allready available.
– A big change in the difficulty : now, the snake’s speed will increase with the difficulty you choose, and it changes everything…

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Unity v2.10 (Symbian OS Game)

Unity was originally invented in Japan 1985 as “Chain Shot!” by Kuniaki Moribe. After that it has spread all over the world with names such as SameGame, TumeGame, KomeGame, MameGame, DebaGame, TileFall, Cabeem, MaciGame, GD-BMD etc.

The idea is to clear the whole playing area by removing tiles in groups. The more tiles you remove at the same time, the more points you get.


* New keyboard shortcuts:
* 5 – New game
* * – Small board (star)
* 0 – Normal board (zero)
* # – Large board (hash)
* 7 – Take screenshot (was star previously)
* Settings: cursor wrap ON/OFF
* Cursor wraps around board edges
* Accelerator sensor support (Sensor API)
* Keyboard support to emulate Sensor API:
* 2 – Drop tiles upwards, shift columns right
* 4 – Drop tiles leftwards, shift columns up
* 6 – Drop tiles rightwards, shift columns down
* 8 – Drop tiles downwards, shift columns left
* Settings: down arrow ON/OFF
* Tested on: N77 (no sensors), N82 (sensors)

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