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DragonMedia Player v0.02 (Alpha) (Wii Application)

DragonMedia Player is a native Wii application with the intent of being a multi-source media player on the Wii.


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MissileCommand v0.5a (Wii Game)

MissileCommand is a clone of the retro game “Missile Command”.


Fixed a crash bug related to split missiles not being cleaned up properly.
Added text, using Beardface’s FreeType With Libwiisprite. The font I’m using is Ben Nathan’s Elements, which is available for free from Urban Fonts. Beardface, consider yourself attributed!
Changed background music to Kenny Beltrey – Hydrate, another Kahvi track, because I was getting tired of listening to the old one over and over.
Sped up enemy missile speed by a factor of two.
Added an interface for writing level scripts. This is what enables the title screen, game over screen, etc.
Moved the file hosting to WarpedFlash’s dropbox. Thanks WarpedFlash!


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WiiPhysics v1.1 (Wii misc)

WiiPhysics is a physics playground for the Wii, much like Crayon Physics or PocketPhysics. It uses Box2D and libwiisprite.


+Added Line (Dynamic rectangle) Drawing
+Clear Screen Button
+Pulley/joint bug fixes to stop crashing!
+fixed layout a bit


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WiiPhysics v1.0 (Wii misc)

Beardface released WiiPhysics, its a physics emulator for the Wii using Box2d and libwiisprite.

Thanks to http://www.wiibrew.org for the news.


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Bubble Dizzy v0.94 (Beta) (Wii Game)

Foxy has updated his Bubble Dizzy remake for Wii. This version adds SFX.

Thanks to Foxy himself for the news.


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libosk v0.4.4 (Wii misc)

libosk is an easy to use, 100% configurable on screen keyboard for applications written using libwiisprite, written by beardface. Changing language, look and feel, etc… can all be accomplished simply by modifying a config file.

A demo application showing how to use libosk is included in the release.

Source: http://www.wiibrew.org/wiki/Development_Applications/libosk


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Box2D (26-06-2008) (Wii misc)

Box2D is a 2D rigid body simulation library for games. Programmer’s can use it in their games to make objects move in believable ways and make the world seem more interactive. From the game’s point of view a physics engine is just a system for procedural animation. Rather than paying (or begging) an animator to move your actors around, you can let Sir Isaac Newton do the directing.

Thanks to http://www.wiibrew.org for the news.


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Touhou Fangame (Beta 2) (Wii Game)

Touhou Fangame is a homemade version of Touhou for the Wii. It is written from scratch with images from the internet, GRRLIB, and Wiiuse.

Touhou is a danmaku shooter praised for being difficult, beautiful, and a one-man project. This attempts to replicate all those things.


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Another Rock Paper Scissors Game v0.3 (Wii Game)

Forgotten Linkz updated his “Rock Paper Scissor” game.


Changed the name to Another Rock Paper Scissors game
Now using GRRLIB for image
Fully graphical!
Cleaned up some code


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Yabause Wii (Unofficial Alpha 1) (Saturn emu for Wii)

Yabause Wii is a Sega Saturn emulator for Wii and is the first of its kind as emulating the complex processes of the Sega Saturn is much harder then it looks and now even harder to run it on the limited hardware of the Wii. Yabause Wii can now run a small number of commercial games at usable speeds (5-10fps) were it is still possible to play the game.


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