This is a program that enables you to load emulators on your Nintendo Gamecube/Wii, using a nice graphical interface:

Current supported emulators are:

– Genesis Plus (Sega Megadrive)
– SMS Plus (Sega Master System & Game Gear)
– FCEuGC (Nintendo Entertainment System)
– GnuboyGX (Gameboy & Gameboy Color)
– Snes9xGX (Super Nintendo)
– HugoGC (NEC Pc-Engine)
– NeoPop (SNK NeoGeo Pocket)
– Neo-CD Redux (SNK NeoGeo CD)

The emulators are NOT provided with the loader.

This project is now splitted in two separated applications:

1) emuloader.dol is running in GC mode, it needs to be packed with a 7zip archive containing the emulators you want to use, see the [GAMECUBE Version] section below and follow the installation steps.

2) emuloader_wii.elf, emuloader_wii_pal60.elf are running in Wii mode. You can directly boot the appropriate version with your favorite elf loader. DOLS version are also provided. See the [WII] section below to know how to use the application.

Gamecube Version
This is mostly designed for modchip users to be used as bootloader DOL on a Selbooting DVD but
you can also simply load&run emupack.dol with the method of your choice.
See “Usage” section on how to generate emupack.dol and eventually a selbooting DVD.

* Nice GUI which let you choose the console system to play
* “All-in-1” DOL which directly includes all the supported emulators executables
* LZMA (7Zip) support for emulator package in order to reduce the final dol’s size
* automatic bootable DVD iso generation (batch file and all needed tools included)

* a chip-modded Gamecube/Wii or a way to boot homebrew
* the main program, emuloader.dol (precompiled and included)
* a 7zip archive containing the emulators dols (not included)
* Modchip and/or SoftMod
* 7zip ( to create the emulators package

You can not directly use the provided emuloader.dol: it need first to be packed with a 7zip archive
containing all the supported emulators (gamecube .dol files only) you want to use.
As a result, you will eventually get a new file, called emupack.dol which contain everything and can
now be used as any other dols !

To do this, after extracting the content of the archive somewhere on your hard disc, simply follow the steps below:

1) Using 7zip, create a “emupack.7z” archive with all the needed emulators dols (be careful not to use compressed/dollzed)
and place this file in the same directory as “emuloader.dol”
You have to use LZMA method for compressing, as well as the best compression level (ULTRA)

Important: Don’t modify the original emulator filename, the loader is looking for specific strings
inside filenames in order to detect which emulator is present or not:

– Genesis Plus —> genplus
– SMS Plus —> smsplus
– FCEuGC —> fceugc
– GnuboyGX —> gnuboy
– Snes9xGX —> snes9x
– HugoGC —> hugo
– NeoPop —> neopop
– Neo-CD Redux —> redux

2) Double-click on emupack.bat: this will create the file “emupack.dol”

You can now directly load/run emupack.dol with the method of your choice (SDLoad,…) if you want but the best way
is to create a GC-Linux bootable DVD with all your roms and use emupack.dol as the bootdol.

For more infos about how to create a GC-Linux bootable DVD, you may want to read this:

Actually, the /pcutils folder contains everything you need to create the bootable DVD image, including automatic
batch files to generate your bootable DVD ISO file in a simple&quick way

3) First, put all the roms you want for each systems in their respective /bootdisc subfolders
You may want to create more subdirectories as the limit is 1000 files max. per directory
Be aware that the total size for the /bootdisc directory should not exceeded ~1.35GB if you are using Gamecube
and 4.7GB if you planned to use it on the Wii (still in GC mode).

Be aware that the minimal size should be at least ~500MB or the DVD won’t boot !
Please refer to the related emulator’s documentation for other specific requirements.

4) Double-click on BuildISO.bat (or BuildISO_PAL.bat in you have a PAL Wii, BuildISO_JAP.bat for japanese Wii)
and wait for the .iso file to be generated.

5) Burn the emudisc.iso image file with any DVD software & launch the DVD in your console (a modchip is required)
In the menu, use D-Pad to navigate & Button-A or START to choose a console system

Once you’ve started running one emulator, there is no way to come back to the menu, you have to reboot your console

Source Contents
The sourcecode is full part of the release so that you can easily recompile emuloader.dol yourself.
If you have no idea on how to compile DOLs , please refer to this thread:

*emuloader.c : main program (Video Init, Menu Display & Dol’s extracting)
*emuloader.h : compressed (using zlib 2.3) BMP pictures for Menu Display
*/ngc/memfile.*, lzmasupp.*: Softdev’s sourcecode for LZMA support.
*/ngc/sidestep.*, ssaram.* : Softdev’s sourcecode for DOL’s loading
*/ngc/lzma/ : Standard LZMA SDK 4.43 for ansi C, linked as library

PCUtils Contents
*lzmaadd & lzmaex: Softdev’s utilities to add/extract 7zip file to/from a dol (sourcecode included)
*mkisofs & cygwin.dll: needed to generate a ISO file
*gbi.hdr: Generic Boot Image from Cubeboot-Tools 0.3

LZMA support & DOL loading code – softdev
LZMA PC utilities – softdev
DevkitPPC / LibOGC – Wntrmute & Shagkur
gbi.hdr by GCLinux Team