Bricks-OS is an Operating System primarily for Game Consoles. It’s main goals is to share resources between different game consoles. This is achieved by using message passing for communication.

More release notes:

The list of currently supported game consoles:
– Gameboy Advance
– Nintendo DS
– GameCube
– Playstation2
– Playstation Portable
– Wii
– i386 PC

The list of current features include:
– Preemptive multitasking (even on the GBA and NDS)
– Message passing
– Hardware OpenGL implementation (on some consoles)
– Software OpenGL implementation (for all consoles not supporting hardware 3D)

Binary versions of the latest release (v0.0.3) can be downloaded, demonstrating a Software OpenGL implementation (GBA, GC, Wii, PC, PSP), and a Hardware OpenGL implementation (NDS, PS2). The source can be downloaded using SVN, hosted by

Please take a look at Maximus32’s website for more information, screenshots and downloads: