DEMOTEV is a GameCube demo by GranDFrère.


With DEMOTEV, I wanted to associate light and texture, because in fact I knew the light by using vertex and display textures, but I could not combine the two. This is where the VTE: The VTE can combine ( “mix”) color information or not with a texture and / or combine texture with a texture (multitexturing).

It also plays well with the color and alpha of a textured surface with color and alpha of a colored surface. Background: alpha is the degree of transparency or opacity of a color. It can make 16 combinations (Stage) but only a multitexturing 8 textures. But it is enough.

In short, using operators, parameters, type of matrix, sources texture coordinates we do what we want the texture. As with Open GL. This demo is not multitextures and want a reason to use this possibility. I had already made a demo showing a cube with different textures simultaneously, but it was not multitextures as I had announced. I was wrong.