FCE Ultra is a NES emulator for the Nintendo Gamecube. Due to Nintendo’s Wii backwards compatibilty with the Gamecube, this can also be used on a Wii. Responsible for the changes in this version are asako and _svpe_.


– Added saving state in SD Card (State files will be saved in root of SDCARD). *Note: I can’t make it work to save in root:fceusaves, so help needed.
– Added SDCARD slot selection for searching roms, meaning, you can search roms from SDCARD SLOT A & SLOT B (Beta, meaning, buggy, but works).
– For standarization, you must create folders root:fceuroms to read NES roms files from SDCARD.
– Added C-Left to call Menu.
– Reading files from SD Card it’s faster, now they’re called from cache after first reading.
– Menu in saving STATE file changed to choose SLOT, DEVICE, Save STATE, Load STATE, Return to previous.
– Added option PSO/SD Reload to menu, still works (START+B+X)
– Modified controls when going into the rom selection menu (DVD or SDCARD):
+ Use B to quit selection list.
+ Use L/R triggrers or Pad Left/Right to go down/up one full page.
– Some menu rearrangment and a little of sourcecode cleanup:
+ Everytime you pressed B button on any option, playgame started, not anymore until you select Play Game option.