PabloACZ has released GCMM r11 MOD, a modification of the original GCMM found at WiiBrew. It’s a memory card manager for Wii and/or GameCube.


SDGetFileList() function in sdsupp.c updated to reflect the changes in DevKitPPC/libogc from the last three years (diropen, dirnext and dirclose commands were replaced with opendir, readdir and closedir, respectively).
Modified the MountCard() function in mcard.c to perform a probe on the GC Memory Card slot, to make sure it was mounted properly.
Improved the compatibility with GCS/SAV files with the patch posted by jcwitzel in December 2009.
The Makefiles were modified to include the zlib in the libraries section. It seems that the latest libFreeType PPC port needs it to work.
*Hopefully* Added compatibility with Official GameCube Memory Cards (see this). According to a friend of mine, it works with a 256 blocks Memory Card.
Compiled with DevKitPPC r24, libogc 1.8.8, libfat 1.0.10 and libFreetype 2.4.2.

Thanks to stomp_442 for the news.