Eke-eke released a new version of Genesis Plus a Sega Genesis/Megadrive emulator for the Gamecube.


– added SVP emulation: Virtua Racing is now emulated (big thanks to Notaz and TascoDeluxe)
– fixed VDP registers behaviour when VDP Mode 4 is enabled: fix Bass Masters Classic Pro, Captain Planet & The Planeeters
– corrected a bug in DMA Fill operation: fix James Pond 3, Rockman World/Megaman Willy Wars (corrupted VRAM)
– corrected typo errors in CPU cycle counters update: fix optiom screen music in “College Slam” and probably others games.
– added preliminary support of undocumented YM2612 bug: fixes soundtracks of Shaq Fu, Spiderman, Comix Zone, Ariel and some others
– added support for mappers & copy protection devices used in many unlicensed/pirate cartridges (see cart_hw.c for details)
– rewrote memory handlers for better modularity and some (little) speedup
– reduced Savestate size

– compiled with last LibOGC (20080228): fix issues when unplugging controller, support for Wii mode (see release.txt)
– added “hard-coded” IPL font (no more direct access to BOOTROM): fix font problem for Qoob users
– added SDCARD Slot B support for loading Roms
– removed unused MAME PSG Core
– added ‘Force DTACK’ option for prototype games usually hanging on real hardware (example: Sonic Crackers)
– added an option to underclock SVP core (with default cycle count, Virtua Racing actually does not run fullspeed in GC mode)

Thanks to http://www.tehskeen.com for the news.