Eke-Eke has released a major update to Genesis Plus an Sega Genesis emulator for the Nintendo Wii/GameCube. New features include GX code speedup, video mode and CPU options.


many sourcecode cleanup and optimization
completely rewrote EEPROM emulation: now support all known EEPROM types (24C01-24C65) and mappers (Sega, Acclaim, EA, Codemasters) used in a few games (now use internal game database) as external RAM. This should at least fix save support in the following games:
NBA Jam (alternate Acclaim mapper)
College Slam, Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball (24C65 type)
NHLPA Hockey 93, Rings of Power (EA mapper)
Micro Machines serie, Brian Lara Cricket 96/Shane Warne Cricket (Codemasters mapper)
external RAM is now initialized to 0xFF by default: fix Micromachines 2, Dino Dini Soccer
fixed SRAM 16-bits memory handlers: fix some Sega Sports and EA Sports games (NFL95, NBA Action 95, NHL97, NHL98,…)
modified WRITE_xxx & READ_xxx macros for better portability and faster memory access on BIG ENDIAN platform
completely rewrote BIG ENDIAN support in render.c and vdp.c: rendering should be a little faster
rewrote ROM bankswitch emulation (Super Street Fighter II): ROM access are faster, using memory pointers instead of reading ROM copy from ARAM
fixed leftmost Window/PlaneA column render and implemented Window bug (as described by Charles Mc Donald)
improved “Sprite Limit” and “Sprite Collision” detection accuracy
modified RGB565 Color Palette to use the full available color range (0-31;0-63)
implemented “cycle accurate” HV Interrupt timings: fix Sesame’s Street Counting Cafe, Legend of Galahad (intro)
improved VDP access timings accuracy (added FIFO emulation): fix Double Clutch
improved DMA timings accuracy: fix Winter Olympics (E), Arch Rivals and probably more
fixed HCounter again: Road Rash serie (I,II,III) don’t need timing hacks anymore
fixed VCounter in Interlaced 2 mode: fix Combat Cars “VS-Mode”
improved Interlaced 2 mode (double resolution) rendering: Sonic 2, Combat Cars (”VS-Modes”) look far better
added TMSS BIOS support (optional)
rewrote part of the YM2162 MAME’s core: fixed internal FM timers handling, removed non-YM2612 emulation code and unused multiple cpu support
implemented “cycle accurate” FM timers & sound samples rendering
improved Z80 Interrupt timing accuracy: fix Sonic 3 music slowdowns
updated Z80 & 68000 cores to last MAME versions
improved Soft Reset emulation: X-Men 2 and Eternal Champions (random character selection) now work more like on real hardware
added full overscan emulation (vertical & horizontal borders) for “pixel perfect” aspect ratio (tested against a real genesis)
fixed rom checksum calculation (only used for rom information)
some modifications in GX rendering code
added support for original Genesis/Megadrive NTSC & PAL video modes: this makes games looking exactly as on original hardware (progressive rendering with reduced resolution)
added “Aspect” option to switch between ORIGINAL (aspect ratio is fixed and borders are emulated) and MANUAL SET (horizontal and vertical scaling can be manually configured, borders are not emulated)
added “Overscan” option to disable the original borders color and always use black borders (only used when ORIGINAL Aspect mode is enabled)
added support for up to 720 pixels horizontal resolution (needed for proper aspect ratio emulation)
added “TV Mode” option to enable automatic switching to PAL(50Hz) TV mode when the Genesis runs in PAL mode
added “Xshift” & “Yshift” settings to let you adjust display area position while keeping the original aspect ratio
added option to disable/enable SSG-EG support in FM cores: this special mode is indeed not properly emulated and some games might sound wrong when enabled
removed “CPU Type” option, you can also now force Region (JAP/EUR/USA) without reseting the game, choose USA or JAP for 60hz, EUR for 50hz, this can be useful to bypass game region protection at startup.

Thanks to http://www.tehskeen.com for the news.