SoftDev has released a new version of his NeoGeo CD emulator for the Nintendo Wii/GameCube. Neo-CD Redux will allow you to play most (if not all) of your classic arcade based games using your next generation console!


* More FIX memory corrections. Fixes KOF99 load screens in particular.
* CDDA command interpreter updated.
* Streams interface initialised to clean position.
* SDLoad reload added as Z from in game menu.
* Full loading screen support – finally!
* New GC audio mixer and ‘The EQ Cookbook’
* Audio and region options added to Option Menu
* ISO parsing corrections for multi-level directories
* Correction of FIX memory uploads
* Sprite banking restricted (KOF 99)
* Samurai Spirits RPG patch removed. No longer needed.
* Startup.bin removed. Data is now populated by BIOS load.ROM