Eke-eke has also updated SMSPlus the Sega Master System/Game Gear emulator for the Nintendo Wii/GameCube. Highlights in this release include 3D Glasses faking mode, compressed freeze states and DVD5 support for the Wii

– added 3D Glasses faking: fix graphics in games requiring 3D Glasses
– fixed VDP & Z80 SP registers initialization (usually done by BIOS): fixe games not working without BIOS (Ace of Aces, Shadow Dancer,…)
– completed game database for specific configuration (mappers, region, peripherals), based on Meka database

– added 4.7GB DVD support for WII drives (the maximal allowed size for Gamecube DVD is still 1.35GB)
– removed MPAL video timings, always use 60Hz NTSC: fix display problems for PAL wii users (no more PAL50 version needed)
– added Console Reboot option in main menu (System Reboot), also used for SDLoad reboot
– Freezestate files are now compressed (using zlib)
– FreezeState files can now be saved/loaded to/from SDCARD: located in /smsplus/saves/ from the root of your SDCARD
– changed initial ROMS directory for SDCARD user: now looking for /smsplus/roms/ from the root of your SDCARD
– added new font: now use original IPL font, extracted from Bootrom
– modified controls when going into the rom selection menu (DVD or SDCARD):
. use B button to go up one directory
. use Z button to quit the file selection menu
. use L/R triggers to go down/up one full page
. use Left/Right buttons or Analog stick to scroll the selected entry’s filename when it can’t be full displayed
– various menu rearrangment, minor bugfixes & sourcecode cleanup

Thanks again brakken (http://www.tehskeen.net/)