This is eke-eke’s port of Charles MacDonald’s SMS Plus emulator, based on Softdev’s last release, with some compatibility fixes and additional features. Download the latest version and execute smplus.dol on your Gamecube or Wii with your prefered method and then load a rom from ISO9660 DVD or from SDCARD. If you use SDCARD, roms must be placed in the previously created directory /smsplus/roms. Savestates need a /smplus/saves/ directory.

Read smsplus.txt for detailled options and full credits.


* accurate Sega Master System & Game Gear Emulation with sound
* FM unit emulation (Japanese Master System)
* 2 Players Support
* Savestates Support
* Load a game from SDCARD or DVD (4.7GB support for Wii users)
* 3D glasses faking
* Game Database for automatic configuration
* Zipped rom support
* Load/Save FreezeState files (compressed) from/to Memory Card & SDCARD
* Exit to Loader


– fixed VDP init when loading savestate: fix graphics in games using TMS9918 mode
– added port $3E emulation and full SMS BIOS support (see user notes)
– implemented SMS1 VDP “tilemap mirroring” bug: fix Y’s (J) status bar when running in SMS1 mode
– updated Z80 core to last version (fix some undocumented behaviour): fix Rambo 3 “Game Over” screen & Robocop 3 “pause” bug
– corrected PAL CPU clock value
– modified FM Unit detection: fix FM music in many japanese games
– added full overscan emulation: when enabled, aspect ratio is exactly like on original hardware, including borders (horizontal borders
are generally completely hidden under TV edges)
– corrected Game Gear VDP handlers in SMS mode: fix colors in GG-MS mode
– improved Codemasters Mapper emulation: fix Excellent Dizzy Collection & Ernie Els Golf
– added Korean Mapper emulation: fix Sangokushi III & Dodgeball King
– adjusted SMS color palette values (compared side by side with a real PAL SMS 2)
– fixed Hcounter table (thanks to FluBBa)

– added support for original video mode (240p/288p): this makes games looking exactly like on original hardware (including scanlines)
– added “Aspect” option to switch between Original (correct aspect ratio with borders) and Fit Screen (full screen) display modes
– added “Xshift” & “Yshift” settings to let you adjust display area while keeping the original aspect ratio
– added “Border” option to enable/disable borders color emulation
– added “Palette” option to let you choose the Brightness level: RVB (darkest), Normal , Bright
– added Wii mode support (including front SD rom loading with LFN, TP reload, …)
– added EURGB60 & PAL 50hz TV modes support
– added 480p (progressive) rendering mode support in Wii mode (not supported by the PAL60 version, use the other one, even on PAL wii)

Thanks to for the news.