Crunchy2 from the SkeenDev Development Forums has updated SNES9X-GX 2.0 to include some general cleanup of the functions/menus and experimental > 1.36GB support for Nintendo Wii owners. SNES9X-GX 2.0 is a port of SNES9X for the Nintendo GameCube/Wii. Using this emulator you can enjoy all of your classic SuperNES on your lastgen/nextgen consoles.

Thanks to brakken ( ) for the news.


* Added: SD slot B options for freezes, sram and loading of roms
* Changed: SMB options no longer displayed in menus when run on a Wii
* Changed: Game auto resumes running after resetting when choosing the “Reset
Game” menu option
* Fixed (maybe): Reading of DVDs past the 1.36 GB barrier (Wii only) please
test! – svpe