SNES9x GX is a Super Nintendo emulator for Wii and GameCube based on the PC emulator SNES9x 1.51. SoftDev is responsible for the original SNES9x 1.51 GameCube port, whose work was continued by crunchy2. Wii support was added by michniewski, and SNES9x 1.51 was ported by Tantric. The project is currently being maintained by michniewski and Tantric. The GUI is powered by libwiigui.


Based on Snes9x 1.52
Wiimote, Nunchuk, Classic, and Gamecube controller support
SNES Superscope, Mouse, Justifier support
Cheat support
Auto Load/Save Game Snapshots and SRAM
Custom controller configurations
SD, USB, DVD, SMB, Zip, and 7z support
Autodetect PAL/NTSC
16:9 widescreen support
Open Source!


[4.2.1 – July 14, 2010]

* Improved audio timing
* Fixed 16:9 correction in Original mode
* Ability to use both USB ports (requires updated IOS 202 – WARNING: older
versions of IOS 202 are NO LONGER supported)
* Fixed issue with IPS patch files
* Hide non-ROM files
* Other minor improvements

Free and legal SNES roms to try out with this emulator can be found here: