SNES9xGx is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator for the Nintendo Gamecube.


Fixed: Zip compressed freezes to memory card could become corrupted as the file size changed – fixed this by deleting the existing file before writing new one if the file size increased. If the file got smaller or stayed the same the original file is updated, using less of the existing file if the actual file size is smaller. A check is made before deleting the existing freeze file to ensure that there is enough space available for the new file. Note that additional space equivalent to the new file size must be available. If not enough space is available the original freeze is retained and the user is informed of the lack of space.
* Fixed: If option to auto-load freeze was selected, joypad config would not be restored since that is stored in SRAM. Resolved this for now by first loading SRAM if any and then loading the freeze. Obviously having to have both SRAM and freeze is not ideal, but this gets the job done if you have enough space on your memory card, SD card, etc.
* Added prompt when returning to the menu with autosave enabled allowing the user choose whether or not to perform the save. Press A to save or B if you don’t wish to save.
* Added optional verification of Gamecube memory card saves. After writing the file it reads it back in and verifies that the written file matches what was to be saved. If it doesn’t or if there was a problem opening the file it reports the problem to the user. Set this option in the preferences if desired.
* Added Reset Gamecube/Wii menu item
* Experimental DVD support for reading beyond 1.36 GB barrier on Wii. I have no way to test this, so please report on whether or not it works! Based on svpe’s code.

NOTE: due to changes in the settings, this version will reset your emulator options settings, so if you had saved preferences you will need to make your changes to the emulator settings again and save them.