3D Engine – Nitro Engine is a 3D engine coded by Antonia Nino Diaz.

Release notes:

This is a 3D engine, which aim is to make easier the procces of making a 3D game for the DS

-Loader of models and textures from FAT.
-Dual 3D, as easy as normal 3D.
-Can load BMPs of 8, 16, and 24 bits and convert them into textures.
-Hardware-accelerated effects like fog and toon shading.
-You can take screenshots of both screens in dual 3D mode or the 3D screen in normal 3D mode.
-Animated model support.
-2D over 3D system.
-Very basic physics engine.
-API functions.
-2D text in 3D mode, any character size allowed.

-A3I5 texture converter (3 bits of alpha, 5 bits of indexed colors).
-Improve physics engine.
-You can ask me for the things you would like to see.