“A Touch of War” is a realtime strategy game for Nintendo DS.


Here’s a new version of the game with some of the new stuff I’ve been working on. It’s not quite done and not as user friendly as I’d like, but it’s been so long since the last release, I figured it’s time to update.
I updated the game to use the latest devkitpro. This should fix network connection problems for new ds’s.
There’s also a new single player menu with the following options:

“Home base” which doesn’t do anything yet.
“Debug map” for testing, one of the face buttons switches which team you’re currently controlling, and the buildings produce guys instantly.
“Survival”, I haven’t played it more than twice, so I’m not sure how balanced/fun it is. The goal is to defend the house for as long as possible while increasingly large waves of enemies come out every 20 seconds. If you have wifi enabled, it will upload your high score. I’ll add a high score page soon. Sadly, if you don’t have wifi enabled before you play, the high score will get thrown out.

The old game(multiplayer and single player) is hidden away in the skirmish menu.

Thanks to http://www.nintendomax.com for the news.