This application is a “Visual Novel Engine”. It is used to create and manipulate scenes to form a script in which the player can delve into.

Ace Attorney DS reads from .ini files which fill in variables needed for the case to run. This engine, or in other words “Casemaker”, comes with 113 profile sprites, 280 evidence sprites, 99 maps and 941 animations (pre-scripted for you, from Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney and Phoenix Wright : Justice For All). Using these resources and the knowledge of the .ini functions, you can basically re-create a Phoenix Wright game, with your own custom plot, characters, evidence/profiles, maps/collision maps, and music. Don’t feel limited to only being able to make Phoenix Wright games, this is a visual novel engine with unlimited possibilities if you have ideas. A fanfiction can be played out, for instance, through this application with the necessary sprites and script. Simply put, Ace Attorney DS is a game-maker.,5557.0.html