alekmaul has updated his CPC emulator AmEDS. The emulator is based upon Caprice32.


* Play with WIFI ! Download the game through the web and play it using the menu “PLAY GAME FROM THE WEB” 😀 !
* Compilation with devkitarm r21
* Screenshot saves are now in “no resize” mode, so we have the complete CPC screen 🙂 !
* Multi save for snapshots and screenshots (the name ends between 000 and 999)
* Add keys ] [ : ; * ? > < in the keys configuration menu * Sound optimization in AY 8912 (but still have pb with game EXIT for example) * Fix screen blink when scrolling with X * Accelerate Z80 management (thanks zx81 for the case / goto tip) * We have now 1024 files in the file list