Ands PDF displays PDF files on your NDS.



* New viewing mode. This is the ‘reader’ mode. More on that later.
* D-pad now pans the screen. I got alot of requests for this one!
* File browser is now filtered; will only show PDF files. Note that it will show folders that don’t have PDF files in them.
* You can now adjust the backlit brightness by holding down Select + Up/Down arrows.
* You can now cancel out of the file browser with ‘B’, or by clicking the file browser button again.
* Rendering is getting progressively faster.
* Mini-help screen and info screen on startup.
* Added splash screen. If you find this annoying, remove the splash files in the FONTS folder, and it will bypass this step.
* Fonts are external now. This gives us alot more memory to play with at the expense of higher load times on certain PDF’s. (Note: I took out the dingbats font. If anyone as a PDF that has dingbats, I will hand out that file too… It is much larger though).

Bug Fixes:

* You can no longer scroll off the bottom of the file browser.
* Some memory issues resolved that led to instability.
* The zoom-tool used to mess up if you clicked it more than once. Doesn’t anymore.
* Tons of other stuff I’m sure…