DekuTree64 has updated his art program Animanatee.


NEW in v1.4
– Full undo system rewrite to fix bugs.
– Zoom (1x, 2x, 4x, 8x).
– Copy/paste.
– Brush size up to 16 pixels, plus pressure sensitivity.
– Calibration tweak, if the draw position feels a couple pixels off.
– 1 and 2 pixel gap tolerance for fill, because tiny gaps are annoying.
– Layer visibility controls.
– Scroll (offsets a layer, handy for moving backgrounds over time).
– Top screen preview for load/save menus.
– Mask/remask (mask=don’t draw on a specific color, remask=don’t draw on any other).
– Fix for Save As not setting the selected save slot unless exporting an AVI.
– Frames before/frames after, to loop a small portion of the animation near the current frame. Much quicker to check movement when working on a long animation.

Changes in v1.4a:
– Fixed crash when trying to preview an empty slot.
– Added an OK button to load/save menu, so you click a slot to preview, then OK to actually load/save.
– Fixed frame corruption when drawing at the bottom of the BG layer with a large brush.