t4ils released his entry for the currently running Dev-Fr.org Coding Competition.

Release notes:

Welcome to Back2School.

We find the kingdom champigngon, when our beloved companions went to school.
You should know that Tails, the Sonic faithful companion, was in a school in this kingdom because of a poorly organized school!
Taking his ailing patient and gnawing his brake in the middle of people who are not from his horizon, he decided to file the current mess!
Armed with its rings, he will try to jetter on his classmates when the teacher, Bowser, will be back!
But be careful not to make you! Indeed, when Bowser looks to you, you do not make more movement (and no better than a ring is being ballader full classroom at this time!).
You must therefore avoid run rings when bowser turns to you. It will begin by hand, then face. At this time, not throw anything until it is back again, or you take it in flagrante delicto with his peripheral vision!
The goal of the game is to shoot the most of your little friends you do not catch.

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