BackupBuddy is a simple utility that finds all files of the extensions you specift on your card and uploads them to an FTP server. The idea here is that you run this utility when you plug your DS in to charge at night. A few minutes later, you can rest assured that all your day’s hard play will be backed up.

This assumes you can connect to a wireless network and have access to an FTP server.


1. Supports multiple file types, not just .sav
2. Supports ignore directories (Specify what directories not to scan for files)
3. Allows you to preserve the path, so a file at /Moonshell/bookmarks.sav can now be saved on your FTP server under “upload/Moonshell/bookmarks.sav” You can also turn this feature off and just have all your files saved under “upload”
4. Added applause sound when backup is complete.
5. Renamed configuration file to /data/settings/bb.conf
6. Timestamp is now stored in separate file, so your config file will not be rewritten