Basically the point of the game is to clear the board of similar colored balls and get the best score you can. The more similar colored balls you clump together, the higher the score.

Hello all,

This is my first submission to the Nintendo DS homebrew scene. Hopefully the first of many… It has some striking similarities to a game on PocketPC’s … I won’t name any names 😉

The usual blah blah blah stuff applies — I hold no responsibility if it blows up your DS (it shouldn’t).

Big thanks to the guys that created PALib.. I would not have been able to crank this out as quickly as I did without their stellar library and docs.

Also a big thanks to Grymmjack for providing a music track and digging out all of his old Mod tracking tools!

Known Bugs:
The sounds get a little screwy with the music on. Not sure if this is PALib or me.

Use the stylus for highlighting the balls.
Use the Left Trigger to reset your game board.
Use the Right Trigger to toggle the music on and off.

Ball Buster was created using devkitpro and PALIB.