Scott MyClymont has updated his Blackjack game for Nintendo DS.

Full release notes:

First off, I made the front page with the previous version of this, woo! Thanks guys!

So this was version 0.2 ( ) that I posted back in November, and after being quite busy with other things over the Christmas/New Year period, have now gotten time to work on version 0.3. And here it is! Main improvements are that you can now split your hand (providing you have the money), and normal Blackjack rules are in place for that (no splitting 10s, only one more card after splitting aces etc.), and there’s also some sprites for cards to further get away from the text-based feel of the previous versions. A fellow member B.J. offered me the use of their card graphics for this game after I posted 0.2, so I’ll be looking to incorporate them into a future version now that everythings in place for the sprites, so big thanks for that! I had hoped to get some sound effects or music working for this version, but that still needs a little more work, so I’ve put that on hold for just now. There’s also a small pause between card drawings just to add a bit of suspense!

As mentioned before, my aim for this is to create a fully customisable Blackjack game where you can tweak all the rules to how the game is played in your part of the world or how you play with friends. Or perhaps just with the rules you want to practice on for fun or for when you want to hit the casino!

I’ll be working a lot more on this now that the holiday season is over with, so it’ll be a shorter gap until the next version. I’m hoping to get a section for the user to tweak some of the more basic rules, maybe keep track of some stats as you play, possibly get some sounds in there and look into the new card graphics. The ones I have now are really just intended as a “first draft” of sorts, so they won’t still be there come version 1.0. I also plan on giving more space on the screen to the cards, which would mean finding a new way of showing any split hands you have. For this first attempt though, you can only split once and if you do then it’s on the screen all the time for you to see.

There’s also a few minor things that need tweaked such as the dealer not taking cards when you already have Blackjack (unless they have a 10 or an ace), but I’d promised to get this out before the end of January, so I had to leave some things til next time.

Any feedback is appreciated as are any bugs that you might find! Splitting cards caused a few niggles, but I think I got them all. Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks! 😀