Scott McFly released an update to his Blackjack game for Nintendo DS.


* A basic stats page has been added to help you keep track of your win/draw/loss record and how many blackjack’s you’ve racked up. These reset when you return to the main menu.
* The background has now been extended over both screens, so the top screen is now no longer just black, which makes it look a lot better IMO.
* The buttons now fade-out when going to the next page to add a bit of polish to the game.
* If the player gets blackjack, the dealer will no longer take any cards (as there’s no point!) unless they’re on a 10 or an ace in which case they take one more card to check if they have blackjack too.
* General tweaks to the split card system in regards to giving you new cards and how they appear on screen.
* And finally a nice sound effect on button presses, the first piece of audio to make it into a release, hooray!