Bunjalloo is a web browser for the Nintendo DS. It is still under development, but can already display simple pages and follow links.


* Complete GUI rewrite. Fixes issue 7 and (most of) issue 5.
* Much better connection handling, fixed issue 9 . Uses hot-off-the-compiler dswifi 0.3.3 too.
* Better rendering, less multiple blank line problems.
* Completely new keyboard display. Fixed the underscore problem from issue 6 .
* Proxy server configuration added.
* Changed license to GPL v3
* Added tool bar (back, forwards, stop, load page, wifi status)
* Easier installation – just unzip to the card, no more “bunjalloo-dist” dir.
* Fixed issue 6 , issue 8 , issue 15 , issue 16 and issue 18
* Prior to the final version, several more bugs were squashed!