Bunjalloo is a web browser for the Nintendo DS. It under active development, and can already display simple pages, follow links and view images.

Release notes by Quirky:

What a disaster! You wait ages for a release of Bunjalloo, then 2 arrive in 2 days. Let me tell you how this happened.

I use version control for all of the main code. All my own code, that is. I also have a big bunch of downloadable 3rd party libraries that Bunjalloo needs. The build system only deals with my own code, it doesn’t handle the 3rd party libraries that I install to $DEVKITPRO/libnds and assume are pretty much fixed. So stuff like libpng, jpeg, zlib, the matrix ssl library, all of these have to be downloaded, compiled and installed separately. I have a few patches that I’ve applied on top of these libraries too. All of these steps are handled by a script that downloads the source files, patches them if needed, compiles and installs. These patches are changes that would either never be accepted in the core library – removing printfs for example, or changing the Makefiles for the DS – or in the case of matrix, the upstream authors don’t seem to have any real “community” or way to send them patches.

These libraries are all relatively stable, and when I upgrade devkitPro I can just run my script to install the latest versions. I’ve also put a tarball of the compiled code on the Google Code site to make your life easier if you want to compile Bunjalloo from code.

There are some libraries here that I’ve not yet mentioned and that I mostly take “as is”. These are the core devkitPro libraries for the NDS – libnds, libfat, and friends. But! I have also been patching dswifi since about Bunjalloo v0.7 to fix an issue with non blocking sockets that just can’t be worked around.

Thanks to an oversight I didn’t apply the patch when I installed the latest dswifi 0.3.9, which meant that the sockets are not dealt with properly. I assume a socket has connected before it really has, and start shoving data in before it’s ready. This has the result that after a few page loads sockets just stop connecting, presumably because I’ve filled up some buffers with junk. Pages no longer load and the whole thing grinds to a halt.

The solution? Short term, I’ve patched dswifi again and uploaded v0.7.4. Longer term, I’ve added a bug report to devkitpro on sourceforge. Hopefully my patch can get integrated and I don’t have to apply the changes manually each time I upgrade the DS toolchain. I should have done this a while ago really.