Bunjalloo is a web browser for the Nintendo DS. It under active development, and can already display simple pages, follow links and view images.


I’ve just put up yet another new version of Bunjalloo. This one fixes a load of bugs that caused lots of top pages to be broken. In particular you can log in to GMail again. Yay!

Changes in 0.7.5:
* Improvements to caching – logging in to GMail works again
* Clicking preference icon goes straight to preferences
* Fix encoding problems that caused crashes
* Fixed lots of non-ascii character keyboard bugs
* Fix configuration changes that use escapable % characters

You may have to manually fix the download path in your configuration settings. This is because the download path could have become messed up and show all path separators as %2F instead of /.

Thanks to www.nintendomax.com for the news.