Bunjalloo is a web browser for the Nintendo DS. It under active development, and can already display simple pages, follow links and view images.


User visible changes:
– Added inline images
– Add “images” option to config to turn on/off inline images
– Show images as they download
– Image: Fix some JPEG and GIF crashes
– Recognise image/jpg alternate MIME type
– Fix flickering when scrolling to top or bottom (issue 70)
– Some small performance improvements (issue 55)
– Show GPL Licence on splash screen correctly
– Fix HTTPS pages
Development stuff:
– Doxygen cleanups
– Add debugging options (google-perftools and gcov)
– Changed the installation from source
– Update build system to waf-1.5 (use waf trunk)
Known issues:
– GIFs are not fully supported – no anims, not all types
– No way to save images unless they are linked to
– Show/hide bookmarks still flickers
– Progress bar doesn’t refresh correctly on unzip and save-as