Cyberslime is developing a satirical political game featuring the former president of the United States of America.


This is a comedy game I’m developing :p

Plot: In a man who destroyed a nation, lies the only chance of salvation. Nuclear weapons were extinguished peacefully, but in yet another intelligent action by USA, they were dumped in the Guerrilla territory. Now George W. Bush has the job to save his nation!

– Intro
– Lil’ demo level, that will be level one.
– Part of the AI, but it’s not in the game yet.

To Do:
– The rest of the levels
– Finish AI and put following enemies in the game
– A few more sprites like Bush dying, the enemy dying

The game will consist in a few level, 10 or so, where the main objective is to get to the other side. This objective will be very difficult though, with levels like the epic game Froggy, enemies trying to kill you, etc.

If you don’t feel like downloading, here’s a video I recorded:

Please leave comments, critiques, and love declarations.

Thanks, your favorite slime