Here comes a new release from Sylus101 called “GIF/Card Viewer for Magic the Gathering Cards”.

Release notes:

Well, if there happens to be any issues with this I’ll ask a mod to take it down and I’ll take down the links to the gifs, but that aside, it’s pretty harmless so I figure what the hell.

I hope there are a few players out there who’ll like this, but if not, I’m sure I’ll just not receive any replies to the post.

It’s a simple app, not sure how/if it’ll work on a slot 2, but just put all the gifs in a folder called gifs on the root of your micro flash card. Tap the icons to enable or disable viewing that type of card by color, type, set, or rarity. Has sets from Ravnica to Lorwyn, no core sets though but I’ll surely be adding them as well as previous sets likely back to Mirrodin. Here is a split up archive of the gif files, currently 1830 of them. The nds file is attached in a zip. I’ll put up the .gba and sc.nds dumps too if anyone wants. Oh, and it’ll need to be dldi patched in case your card doesn’t to it automatically.