Here comes a new application from Infantile Paralysiser.

Release notes:

This application only in a Japanese mode.
NDS Check disk for NDS alone in a simple move. Disk-repair mechanism. SDHC is not supported.
Mainly, seemingly normal running seem Check disk for NDS is aimed to detect.
CF/SD The problem is particularly likely because the public, CF / SD to IKKIRI RI deeply scared people away because it will not start, please. Repair does not (read only) because it is broken further deterioration that I do not think is a??for.
NDS Mass copying files to or NDS on the new file is created or after a nice and easy to check.

FAT12/16/32 Open/Close Unicode Check basic items, FAT12/16/32 inspection, duplication and fragmentation of the cluster detection files detected, a cluster of abnormal cutting links, directory entries in the file and the actual file in the context of the whole file to the Open / Close test, long file names and folder names long abnormal Unicode entry detection, super-simple writing test. As an added bonus, the disc details, disk usage, fragmented files list.
Apps is a lot of this anomaly is a completely normal state disk that is not guaranteed.
Some of funny, then you GANBA Do not attempt to repair it, I have to format it is a good idea. This apps make me dwell.