A new version of ChessNET will approach soon.


Welcome to the new home of the ChessNET DS Project. This website will be your number one source for all ChessNET related news.

And for those of you who are curious, ChessNET is still under development and coming along nicely. Nearly all of the Release 1 glitches have been fixed, and many missing features have been added.

Here’s a little list of improvements that have occured so far:

New ROM Icon. It looks swanky. :>
Fixed a huge buffer error in the way ChessNET retrieved it’s data.
Added account handles and passwords.
Fixed Checkmate detection. (No more victory on check!)
Added Castling support.

I expect to have En Passant and the 50 move rule in within a few days. I’ve been fighting the new server version a little too. But keep your eyes on this page, there will be more news soon.