Release notes from qw3rky:

Recently, I went out to Cleveland, Ohio for an internship. The most convenient way to get to work was to take the rapid train into downtown. Being a white kid from the suburbs, I wasn’t all that familiar with public transportation, but I resolved to make use of it the best I could. To help myself learn the routes and timings of the trains and buses, I made a little map for my DS which I could consult whenever I was feeling lost.

I cleaned up the code, ported the graphics functionality to use the cool new uLib library from Brunni, and I’m releasing it here. You can scroll around a map of the Cleveland RTA, and then you can click on train stops to see when the next few trains are coming.

I realize the utility of this is limited to the few people who live in the Upper Midwestern United States, but it was a helpful little app for me, and maybe someone else will find it useful too.

* d-pad scrolls map
* stylus clicks on train stops and shows schedule, press any button to return to map view