Clonemines is a mix of Tetris and Lumines for the Nintendo DS coded by myersn024.

Release notes:

This version has a lot of changes. The first thing that you’ll notice is the reduction of the playable area. It was reduced from the full top screen down to 16 X 10. This is the same size as the playable area of Lumines for the PSP. The second major change is that block deletion takes place every 10 seconds instead of 15. Furthermore, block deletion also happens independent of a block being dropped. There’s still no sweeper line or destroyer block. The sweeper line should be in the next release, but I’m still not sure about the destroyer block.

Anyway, there’s still some bugs that will need to be worked out, and chances are better that you’ll run into them in this particular version (bear in mind that they’re still very very few and far between). That being said, all the bugs should be worked out with the next version, which will probably be the final release.

As always, comments, questions, and bug reports are welcome.

Thanks to for the illustration picture.