NightFox has released a bugfixed final of his puzzle game Colors. It plays similar to Columns, where you need to bring three identical colored gems, into a vertical or horizontal row, to let them disappear.

Release notes:


I just fixed another “bug?” reported by users with slow SD cards. Game freezes when they exit from Options Screens. This is because music is playing (mp3 Stream) and at exit of options screen data will be saved to a file. Sometimes, rarely, this causes DS freezes, because a mp3 player is reading a block from fat and at same time, options screen is triyin to write one. I fixed it pausing while Options Screen is saving data to fat then unpausing it. Now you will notice a little pause on music when you exit Options Screen.
Added also a new game icon, updated credits and a “Loading files” counter.

Thats all


Please, report any unknow bug to me to can fix it

P.D. It’s fun try to fix bugs caused by linkers…. XD