Colors! is a simplistic digital application for Nintendo DS based on modern painting-techniques developed for drawing tablets in programs like Photoshop. By taking advantage of the pressure sensitivity of the DS touch-screen it becomes a perfect portable digital sketch-book.


* Unlimited .drw length – There is no more 1MB limit for those huge painting projects
* Undo – A quick one-step undo, and better tools to be able to scroll through the playback of your painting
* Improved latency and performance – Colors! is quicker and more precise than ever. Sketching has never been more responsive
* Automatic full-screen pressure calibration – No more uneven pressure across the screen. It might even make your old throwaway DS usable again
* Gallery integration – Browse, download, like and share directly from your DS using Wi-Fi
* New UI – Cleaner, better, prettier. Just what you would expect from the most anticipated Colors! update ever
* Export painting – Repaint your painting in 2x or 4x directly on the DS. It’s slow, but it’s worth it
* Left/Right hand support – Configurate Colors! for left and/or right hand usage
* One additional zoom-level – Get a better view of your painting by zooming out a step
* New brush – A new bristle like brush that gives a more organic feel to your paintings
* Colors! Magazine – A magazine in your pocket with interviews and a selection of paintings from the Colors! Gallery

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