COW is a cross-platform object-oriented workspace that provides a powerful API for RTTI, serialization, streaming, logging, etc. It also contains a set of storage types(String, List, Array, etc.) and lots of other features. It has been verified to compile for Windows, Linux and the DS.

COW offers a set of features including(but not limitted to):
– RTTI and serialization(XML, later also binary with conversion tools from&to)
– FixedPointMath template class that has conversion accessors for float/int conversion. Should work as fast as the defines from libnds, but is a lot more friendly to use.
– (Serializable) Storage types to replace STL. This saves LOTS of executable size. (array, list, dlist, string)
– (Serializable) Metrics and vector classes with the expected operators.
– A few bit operators.
– Handy ‘tools’ like AutoPtr, platform-independant asserts
– Pattern templates like Singleton and Factory
– A streaming system (filestream and stringstream only atm, filestream is not tested on. This system allows uniform file handling and stream opening (eg. StreamManager::OpenStream(“file://file.txt”, [read/write mode])
– etc.

COW also includes platform-independant unit tests, which help a lot during development. The current project state is beta and although the code design might still change slightly.

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