Sam Kitsune released a demo of his game “Cream and Cheese” for the Nintendo DS.


It did take me a while to make, but I finally created a demo of a game I thought of half a year ago. If you know me, or at least heard my name somewhere in cyberspace, then you know my devotion for a certain Sonic character, Cream the Rabbit. What inspired me was to create a game that pretty much represented her in a way that the game can be fun. So yeah, it was hard, but I thought of about having to control both Cream and her chao friend, Cheese. Thus, the concept of “Cream And Cheese” was born . . . in a nutshell.

This game took full advantage of the DS’s controls and touchscreen to another level. You control both Cream and Cheese! Cream is controlled in the top screen by the control pad, and Cheese is at the bottom screen where the touchscreen is his controls. The goal is to travel though a maze and reach to the teleporter together. Using teamwork is critical because there are obstacles that will get in their way.

As of now, this game provides animations for both characters, added objects, background, level design, a timer, and a demonstration on the focus of the game. It doesn’t have sound and music, a splash screen, enemies, some kind of particle system, custom fonts, or any features that feels like a real game. You can only play one level.

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