dDJs by Braware is a DJ Table for Nintendo DS.

Release notes:

If you don’t know yet, dDJs is a Disc Jockey Table. In this new version, which is called dDJs Silver, there are too many new features. Now you can loop the beats by pressing the new green button, or even make them beat the way you want, using the pink button. Rate, PAN and Delay added. The disc now scratch really realist (there’s no sample faking it!). You can pause the MP3 now. Two new control bars added, using them you can make the Drum and Cymbal even more precise.

Options added. Choose Surround or Normal sound, or just change the themes. I must tell that there’s a problem with the themes, I couldn’t fix it yet, but as soon as I can I’ll do it.

What about the extras? One of them is a pair of Bongos, it sounds really good to play along with your MP3. And there is a Flute, its really fantastic, because you can play it just BLOWING while you hold a button, which are the notes.