devkitARM is a toolchain for DS, GBA and GP32.


devkitARM release 28
Update gcc to 4.4.3
Update newlib to 1.18.0
Update to gdb 7.0.1
stack fix in ds_arm9_crt0 for mpu setup call
linkscripts now support init priority attribute on constructors
hopefully the last of the OSX 10.4 issues sorted

libnds 1.4.1
improve tanLookUp
reimplement arm7 swiIntrWait functions for DSi support
add extra interrupts for DSi arm7
make initSystem weak to allow override in user code
implement soft reset hooks, applications will now exit to menu if support is provided as per hbmenu
correct write buffer setup in mpu setup code
set background colors in consoleInit functions
correct offsets for bmp sprites

libfat 1.0.7
Use internal allocator wrapper instead of malloc directly

dswifi 0.3.12
minor change for newlib 1.18.0

libfilesystem 0.9.5
prefer fat over gba cart space when argv is present
default_arm7 0.5.10
added soft reset key combo