Dicewars DS is a multiplayer version of a popular Flash based strategy game Dicewars for Nintendo DS handheld console. Your task is to conquer the whole game field by rolling dice. Each turn you may attack any opponent’s territory from one of your adjacent territories as long as your territory has more than one die on it. When attacking, If you roll more than the defender, you win.

At the end of each turn, the greatest number of adjoining territories you have is calculated, and you are awarded a bonus of that number of dice, which are placed randomly on your territory.


13/09/07 Version 0.3.8 is now up with further fixes, mostly the local hotseat multiplayer mode works now much better. Meanwhile I’ve also tested the network game and it looks like we’re finally ready to continue multiplayer testing!

Fixes on hotseat game mode
Local hotseat players can be now renamed
Optimized the field paint and fixed the sorting issues with areas and dice drawn in wrong order
Fixed automatic turn ending when no more moves are possible