This is a card game where you have to get rid of all your cards before the computer does.

How to play:

Each arrow defines the direction (way) of the pile : an up arrow means you have to put cards with superior value (4 then 5 then 6 …) and a down arrow inferior value (6 then 5 then 4 …)

There are 2 bonuses cards : Joker and Reverse.
The first one can be played on any card but you can only play the same color on it
The second can be played on a card of the same color and reverses the direction of the pile. Then you can only play card of the same color on it

Concerning cards number, 0 comes after 12 and 12 comes before 0

In order to play this game, you only need the stylus to drag cards. The menu works the same as the game : drag the card where you want to go.