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Just letting you guys know, Chris Liu has updated his chinese ebook reader, Dolphin Reader.

This is a great little reader that now allows multiple books, persistant bookmarking, easy to read fonts (2 sizes) and assignable text and background colours! You can now convert your books to .dr files and Dolphin Reader can read them.

The previous version required you to compile a txt file into the nds, but this release allows Dolphin Reader to access the FAT32 directory from Slot 2 cards.

Avaliable here:

To work:
1. Copy the .nds rom to your card.
2. Place a .txt file in the /Book/ directory
3. run conv.cmd
4. your book should convert into .dr files in the /DRBook/ directory
5. Enjoy your books with sideways reading action!

Cheers Chris!