DreamZZT is an open-source ZZT engine for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and the SEGA Dreamcast. ZZT was an ANSI-based game creation system created by Epic Megagames’ Tim Sweeny in 1990. The original release included 6 worlds, including the shareware world The Town of ZZT. It also included a built-in game editor, allowing for the creation of new games.


New Features
DreamZZT Online support for Nintendo DS
Support for saving SuperZZT games
Directory listing in NDS file browser (contributed by ndsdev -at – thedopefish.com)
Lua interpreter for Nintendo DS builds
Reduced memory usage so larger games can fit in Nintendo DS RAM
Multi-line text entry widget for bug reports
ZZT-OOP script editor
Meter display for SuperZZT health
Support SuperZZT “hint” key
Hold-to-scroll in text windows

Bug fixes
Player can no longer travel between boards if there is an obstacle on the other side
Stop music playback when ending a game and changing boards
Fix dark grey RGB value in NDS palette
Display the pattern tiles in the editor
Fix board corruption issue when using a teleporter
Set color during #change and assign torches a default yellow color