DronS is a 3D Tron style game.


+ Added mirror of the whole arena on the ground.
+ Mirroring got it’s own menu
+ Added “Player left!” message
+ You can change the distance between you & the wall you have to be for speeding-up
+ Multi-Langual support, [Now I just need translations…]
+ Czech translation added [translated by Programix ]
+ Spanish translation added [translated by FraGMenT ]
+ German translation added [translated by n00bey ]
* Now the car is loaded just out of one model and then rotated… (Last time there were a model for each way xD )
* Color values are displayed in percent now
* Changed the rumble a bit
* Some small changes in the server here and there
* Merged many if-clauses … if(bla) if(lol) if(wtf) return true; -> if(bla&&lol&&wtf) return true;
* Fixed the check for existance of configuration files…
* Menu scrolls now, because the old menu over the whole screen died on longer entries
* CPUs are now shown 2 in one row to save you from endless scrolling
* Fixed the “Player joined” message, as it also told you that someone joined if he left
* After Playing online you’re getting back your configuration
* In onlineplay youre now playing with YOUR color
* Wohay, the game actualy is quite on its limit… I have to reduce maximal lines to 255 to prevent horrible laggs
~ Tanks to GuSec, Cas & everyone else who tested the server with me-
– LAN Play removed because it is too much work to keep the online-server that small it can be run while playing
– Player limit set to 10 [Performance reasons… It was just too much ]
– Removed the keyboard code~ (Since its not used anymore)

Thanks to www.nintendomax.com for the news!