There are some rule updates / clearifications for the Drunken Coders Coding Competition. Those guys are pretty reliable, so join the coding fun!

Anyway here is the information:

To ensure things work a bit smoother this year the judging for the competition has been standardized. I hope this does not throw too many people off but it should give people a much better idea of what we are looking for.

For the moment, no category is weighted more than another but it is possible the “Fun” category will end up worth twice that of any other.

Also the game submission and judging process is now fully web driven. This means the authors will control what info appears about their entries in the results list (and can update their info at any time). I had a bit of trouble keeping it all strait via email (i think last years results don’t even list the game authors). It also means the results will be available as soon as all judges have submitted.

The final feature is after the results are published the general public will be able to rate and comment on the games. In the future, public opinion might factor into the final results but for this compo only the Judges scores will count.

Good luck in coding